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Savoury Keto Low Carb Hashbrowns

As previously mentioned.. I LOVE POTATOES! Giving these up when I went keto/low carb certainly wasn't easy so I have been trying to find the best keto swaps for my favourite potato dishes since day one. When it comes to mash & 'rice' cauliflower is my go to - but there is no way to turn cauliflower in to hashbrowns so I opted for this delicious radish & purple top turnip combination. Radishes are low in calories, carbs, protein, & fats which make them a great base to potato like dishes to keep your macros in control + they are a decent source of potassium which is always a plus. Purple top turnips are also low calorie and great for your macros - 1 cup of this root vegetable only has 1g protein & 4g net carbs (6 total - 2 fibre). This recipe can be sized up for large gatherings or cut in half to accommodate breakfast for one so be sure to calculate your macros below (I will show what my recipe worked out to but depending on your turnip & radish siz

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